The story of Draco is mostly about the achievements of the founder Kåre Drangsholt and his wife Vibeke. Their eager to live their dreams and conquer Europe with their boats where something unique and different in the small town of Flekkefjord Norway in the sixties and seventies.

Starting out with a speedboat called Kalosjen and a 8 feet dinghy called Dolphin. Business didn’t quite take off before a now famous person came onboard. This person was Jan Herman Linge. First Draco added the production of "Soling" a sailboat to the production line. About 80 Soling where manufactured. Kåre Drangsholt wanted a Draco specific design to build his brand.

On Kåre´s request Jan Herman Linge designed the Sportling. A  20 feet deep- V (24 degrees) inboard motor daycruiser. The Sportling became the first commercial success, and made it possible to grow fast and develop new models for new markets. Even though Kaare Drangsholt is listed as the designer of most boats designed after the Sportling, it is quite clear that the Sportling started a design line that followed Draco all the way to the late eighties.

The story of Draco have been told in many publications over the years. Here are a few links to good sites (in Norwegian and Danish). Easily translated with google translate.

Båtliv 9/07  (Norwegian magazine) Web shop

Båtliv online Norwegian text (translate with google)



The local newspaper in Flekkefjord has published numerous articles about Draco over the years.

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